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The Industry's First Regulation D-optimized Electronic Deal Room

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Launching Your Direct Private Placement
Room506 Makes It Easy

EarlyIQ's Room506 Platform Helps You Manage the Complexities 

Raising Funds Directly

Simplify administration and management of your fund raising activity, provide secure and consistent document access, and ensure compliance with specific Rule 506 regulations by using an electronic investment deal room.

Supporting Client Raises

Help ensure your client's compliance with regulations while managing document control and enabling quick and easy tracking of all investor interest and activity. You get an individual website for each investment deal room.

Broker Dealers
Supporting Client Roadshows

Administer multiple direct placements across multiple clients from a single dashboard while ensuring compliance with certain Regulation D, Rule 506(c) or 506(b) requirements.

Investment Advisors
Facilitating Client Raises

Add visibility and control when assisting your clients with Rule 506 raises and ensure all documentation is properly, consistently, and securely available to qualified investors via your own electronic deal room.

Managing Your Investor Pipeline

Regulatory Compliance. Secure Document Access. Accredited Investor Verification.


Raising private capital is a difficult task. Your day is spent marketing your company and meeting with prospective investors. Your evenings shouldn't be filled with administering information, tracking prospective investors, managing documents, and administering SEC regulatory compliance.

Room506 is the only electronic deal room that integrates verified identity, accredited investor verification, and self-declaration with secure, automated access to due diligence and investment documentation, all delivered in a simple, easy-to-use, private-labeled platform.

With Room506, you manage who sees what documentation at what point in the investment evaluation process. And it's all controlled by a simple dashboard that gives you full visibility into all investor activity and access.


We've Simplified and Automated the Electronic Deal Room with Pipeline Management
Powerful Features

All Room506 deployments include these powerful features, each designed to simplify and secure your document access with integrated, automated investor pipeline utilities. Now compliance with Regulation D, Rule 506 is easier than ever.

Co-Branded UX
Your Company Brand 

Customize the investor experience with your brand, your content, and your workflow. There's no need for technical or web resources. With Room506, your brand experience is reinforced, not reduced by a one-size-fits-all deal room.

Identity Confirmation
Know Exactly Who Is Viewing

Reduce the risk of unintended document access. With integrated, 2-step positive identity confirmation, you're assured that the true identities of all prospective investors are known to you, automatically. 

Secure Document Access
Encrypted, Credentialed Storage

Your documents and other electronic media such as videos, spreadsheets, and web pages are secured, encrypted and password protected. With Room 506, you control who gains access, automatically.

Custom User Groups
The Extra Step in Document Access Control

Segmenting your pipeline. Identifying special groups within your investor base. Designate subsets of your investor pipeline as members of custom user groups and provide automated access to documents based on user group membership.

Full Dashboard Control
Easily Manage and Track

Want to know who your most active and interested prospective investors are? With the Room506 dashboard, you gain full visibility to all investor activity within your private deal room.



Investor Verification
Comply with Rule 506(c) or 506(b) Automatically

A Rule 506(c) raise requires that all investors be verified as Accredited. 506(b) requires identity verification and self-declaration. With Room506, this key compliance feature is integrated directly into the deal room. And you get automatic visibility to the real-time status of each prospective investor.

Automated  Access
Document Access You Control

With integrated identity, accredited investor verification, and custom user groups, you are in complete control over who sees what documents at what point in the investment process. All automatically.



100% Hosted
Available Anywhere, Anytime

The Room506 hosted platform is available to both you and your investors from anywhere, anytime. There is no software to install and no technical resources required to implement your private deal room.



Audit Trail Support
Who, What, When

With Room506, you have full historical evidence of which investors accessed which version of which document, when. Download for your archives, the audit trail gives you confidence in your document distribution.

A Walk in the Park

A Day at the Beach

Room506 makes control and compliance for accredited investor management that easy - almost!

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps
Same Day Deployment

Establishing your electronic deal room at Room506 is easy and can happen as quickly as 1 day. 

Choose Your Bundle
Everything You Need to Start 

Once you choose the right bundle for your needs, we'll get your co-branded Room setup and ready for you to use.

Upload Your Documents
Secure, Encrypted Storage

Uploading documents and other electronic media is easy in Room506. And all material is encrypted for security. NEW: Embedded electronic signature available upon request.

Define Access Levels
Who Sees What and When

With Room506, you have full control over the profiles of investors who gain access to which documents. And you can even create your own custom groups for greater control.

After you've done these three simple steps your Room is ready to go. You can invite prospective investors to visit your Room and rest assured that they will have secure access to only those documents that they have the credentials to access.

All automatically. And with your full visibility and control. 

Regulatory Compliance. Document Distribution. Investor Management. 

Administrative Tasks have Never Been Easier for Reg D Offerings.

Getting Started is Easy
Quick Launch Packages

Pick a plan that best suits your needs.



Full Room506 Feature Pack - YES

Registered Prospects - 100

Identity Confirmation - 25

Documents Storage - 5

Co-branded User Interface - YES

Custom Landing Page - YES

Email Support - YES

Admin Accounts - 2

Subscription Months - 2







$750 plus

$59 per investor verification for 506(c)

No monthly fee





Full Room506 Feature Pack - YES

Registered Prospects - 200

Identity Confirmation - 50

Documents Storage - 10

Co-branded User Interface - YES

Custom Landing Page - YES

Email Support - YES

Phone Support - YES

Custom Help - YES

Admin Accounts - 5

Subscription Months - 3





$950 plus

$59 per investor verification for 506(c)

$150 per additional month





Full Room506 Feature Pack - YES

Registered Prospects - 300

Identity Confirmation - 75

Documents Storage - 25

Co-branded User Interface - YES

Custom Landing Page - YES

Email Support - YES

Phone Support - YES

Custom Help - YES

Custom Messaging - YES

Embedded Electronic Signatures - YES

Admin Accounts - 10

Subscription Months - 4



$1150 plus

$59 per investor verification for 506(c)

$150 per additional month




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